Best Book Launch Ever Course

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Best Book Launch Ever Course


Are you ready to have the best book launch ever?

Get serious about launching your book with this 7-day course. Editor, writer, and marketer, Shayla Raquel, uses this exact plan to launch Amazon bestsellers for her clients, like David Mike's Dishonor and Aurora Gregory and David Pitlike's Get Picked.  

Best Book Launch Ever Course List:

  1. Launch Prep: Before you rush off, let's make sure you've got everything in place to launch your book. We'll cover the book itself, website, social media platforms, email list, and more.

  2. Building Your Launch Team: It's time to find your fangirls! Your launch team is an integral part of the book's success, so we'll make sure you have the best team possible.

  3. Pitching to Influencers: Need endorsements, shoutouts, and reviews? Then let's make the pitch!

  4. Telling the World: In this section, we work on emailing your list about the launch, finding bookstagrammers on Instagram, setting up a Thunderclap campaign, and creating a freebie for your launch team—and more!

  5. Planning Your Launch Party: Bring everyone together to celebrate the big day! We'll discuss the party itself, giveaways, and important prompts to get the word out about your book.

  6. Release Day: It's the big day! This is when your launch team makes a huge splash. We cover the morning, afternoon, and evening of the launch.

  7. Post-Launch: Don't worry—we won't leave you hanging. With this final email, you'll have a list of everything you need to do after the book's release.

Course includes:

  • 7 in-depth emails with everything an author needs to launch a bestseller

  • 2 PDF how-tos with specific instructions

  • 5 video how-tos with Shayla

  • Up to 3 personal emails with Shayla when you need help

“Thanks to Shayla Raquel, my book, Ghosts of Black Bear Mountain, broke the top 100 in my category, Horror/Ghost, I hit my goal of 20 reviews, and I added 56 new subscribers to my mailing list all in the first three days. I highly recommend Shayla Raquel’s launch team strategies. I’m a lifelong fan!” —Marc Monroe, Author of Ghosts of Black Bear Mountain

"I was surprised at the depth of the emails I started getting in my inbox from Shayla after signing up for Best Book Launch Ever. Much more expensive courses often offer much less solid information. What I've always loved about Shayla is how organized and practical her advice is, and this is no exception. Launch groups, social media, email marketing—this course covers it all!" —Author & Business Owner, Marisa Porter

So are you ready to have the best book launch ever? 

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