Curiouser Update

What’s new here at Curiouser Editing? Let’s see, shall we?

  1. I’m getting a website! I wish I could use Wordpress for all eternity, but sadly, Google doesn’t recognize blogs when it comes to SEO (nerdy Google term—it’s a way of gaining popularity on Google). My website will be clean, simple, and user-friendly, like my blog. I can’t wait to show it to everyone. It shall be glorious.
  2. It’s basically October, people. I just know it was May yesterday. What is going on? October means a whole month of new, fun things. Expect a guest blog, more Curiouser Confessions (see Facebook for details), and a new project. Hint: it rhymes with shnooseletter.
  3. I am in the middle of a top-secret project with a friend from college. I am co-writing a story for an iPhone app. Yeah. Word.
  4. National Novel Writing Month is, well, one month away. I would love to know who will be participating. I have done it the last two years. I can’t wait to procrastinate.
  5. Curiouser Editing was nominated for a Lovely Blog Award. “Shut up! No way.” Yes, way. I know, I know—you’re dying of excitement. The wonderful Jenni Kay nominated me. She writes poems every single day. Check out her blog here:

When a blogger nominates your blog for this award, the rule is that you have to nominate 5-7 more blogs for the award and also mention 5 random facts about yourself that you’d like to share.

I did this in reverse, sort of. I gave you a five-point update about what’s going on at Curiouser Editing. So here are my top-five award nominees:

  1. Amanda Bumgarner. Amanda and I actually worked together for a little while at Tate Publishing. She posts excellent grammar tips, dos & don’ts, and how-tos. She gets right to the point, and you’ll feel super smart when you’re done educating yourself with her posts.
  2. An American Editor. He has so many helpful posts for editors. I truly enjoyed his five-part post called “Business of Editing: What to Charge.” You will learn so much!
  3. Dara T. Mathis. While some of her posts deal with grammar, she actually writes more about her everyday life and current events. She stops by often, and I love her blog posts.
  4. Ellis Nelson. She is the author of Into the Land of the Snows. You can read an excerpt from her novel on her page and even hire her to help develop your novel.
  5. Mookology. Looking for a blog that brings together books and movies in one review? Meet Mookology.

I hope you enjoyed today's post.