Maybe You Can Help

catpic Yes, I’m here to bore you with more updates on my life. Yawn.

The Curiouser Newsletter is dragging along because I’m stuck like Winnie the Pooh is stuck to honey. That was weird. Anyway, I was excited to start using MailChimp as my newsletter subscription service, but quickly found out that it will only deliver the newsletter as one page. In my mind, I saw a newsletter as multiple pages. Not as long as a magazine, but long enough to deliver the content I had wanted. Perhaps four to six pages?

I tried finding magazine subscription services, and that made me violently bang my blonde head on my keypad. After the self-inflicted head-banging subdued, I ignored my obstacle and watched Clueless on Netflix.

So, maybe you can help. I would like to be able to email a monthly newsletter consisting of a few pages of articles, grammar tips, book reviews, and comics. Do you know of any wonderful websites out there that can deliver that? If so, tell me. I will be much obliged.

How is NaNoWriMo going for everyone? Are you freaking out like I am? Because you haven’t met your word count? And you’re a complete failure? Yeah, me too. But hey, there’s still time.

There is still time, right?