Free $25 Amazon Gift Card from Curiouser Editing

rose Rose sent in this funny grammar picture. She is now in the running for a free gift card.

Are you ready for Christmas shopping yet? A $25 Amazon gift card wouldn’t hurt, right?

Ready for the information? Here we go.

Objective: Take a picture of the funniest (or craziest) grammar mistake you can find. It can be from a billboard, a Facebook post, an advertisement, a text message, a letter—anything you can find.

The catch? It must be original. It must be something you saw on your own before anyone else. In other words, don’t Google “funny grammar pictures” and expect me not to figure it out.

How do you do it? Take a picture of the funny or pathetic grammar error and post it onto Curiouser Editing, LLC. You will have to hit the "like" button on the Facebook page in order to post. I repeat: You will have to hit the “like” button on the Facebook page in order to post/allow me to know you posted/count at all for the contest. You can click the link in this paragraph or click the Facebook widget on your right.

How do you win? By finding the funniest or most outlandish grammar error.

When does it start? It started on Thursday. So you can post right now!

When does it end? Wednesday, Nov. 27.

What do you win? A $25 Amazon gift card—just in time for Christmas shopping.

Note: No curse words or pornographic material, please. Also, you can enter more than once.

Here's a hilarious one from Lisa. She saw this on her Facebook feed, took a screenshot, and posted it to Curiouser’s wall.


Start hunting now!