Tuesday Tidbit: Poe, King, and a Quiz

tuesdaytidbitpic How many Newbery Medal-winning children’s books have you read?

Out of Print Clothing takes your favorite classic books and puts them on shirts. This Great Gatsby sweatshirt is on sale too. What do you know? The Great Gatsby is the book of the month.

Your favorite Stephen King novels will be reissued in special editions. That means new artwork and new introductions. Read the article here.

Did you know there’s going to be an Edgar Allan Poe statue of awesomeness in Boston? Read this article to see if you can find all the subtle Poe story titles the writer sneaked in.

Definitions of the Day:

Unorganized: not organized; not represented by or formed into a trade union: “The unorganized white-collar workers were asked to leave.”

Disorganized: not properly planned and controlled; (of a person) unable to plan one’s activities efficiently: “Susan, I can’t hire you as a secretary because you’re too disorganized.”