Tuesday Tidbit

tuesdaytidbitpicIs smelt the past tense of smell? Not unless you’re a dolt. Ah, I kid, I kid. Smelt as a verb is the process of melting rocks that contain metal in order to get the metal out.

Smelt as a noun is a small fish.

So, no, Jane Doe smelled—not smelt—a flower.

Looking for some books to help you with your business? Here are six books Mark Cuban recommends you read. And who wouldn’t want business advice from the charming and definitely not ugly Mark Cuban?

Um, hello. Ready to get smart? MIT has free coursework online. No registration required.

Which words do you overuse in your writing? Find out with the Word Frequency Counter.

Mandy sent in your new favorite website (if you cite books often or hate editing bibliographies—raises hand): Son of a Citation Machine.