Tuesday Tidbit: Dracula's Castle and Hipster Classic Authors

notebook This notebook with your favorite (hipster-esque) authors is up for grabs. But how do you win it?

Here’s how to win: ask your friends to go to here and subscribe to Curiouser Magazine. Whoever gets the most people to subscribe wins the notebook. When your friend subscribes, I’ll email him to ask who referred him. Ready, set, go!

Dracula’s castle is for sale, you guys. You could literally roam around the setting for Bram Stoker’s masterpiece. (Super awesome vampire cape not included, but encouraged.)

Out of Print is having a 30% off sale. Oh, oh! You could buy a Dracula tee shirt and wear it with your cape in your new castle. You are so welcome.

“I don’t even know where we are, let alone how we got here.”

“Let alone” or “leave alone”? Use “let alone” for a contrasting example. If you ever hear “leave alone,” it’s British—and even that variant is rarely used.

The Fault in Our Stars is set to hit theaters in June. I want to know: should I read the book? Is it as wonderful as everyone says? Tell me!