20 of Merlin’s Best Quotes from The Sword in the Stone

photo 4 While most kids fell in love with The Lion King and Aladdin, I was head over heels for The Sword in the Stone.

Merlin was full of interjections that seriously need to make a comeback.

  • A dark age indeed! Age of inconvenience!
  • Hang it all! Hang. It. All!
  • Leave off! Leave off! You fiendish chain, you!
  • One big medieval mess!
  • Gee-hosaphat!
  • Impossible. Impossible. Confound it all!
  • Blast it all! Impudent piece of crockery!

Merlin also knew how important it was to gain knowledge.

photo 1








  • You can’t grow up without a decent education, you know.
  • Develop your brain! There’s the higher power!
  • He’s the brawn, and you’re the brain!

He didn’t put up with anything stupid.

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  • See here, sugar boy! You’re getting too rough! That teapot is cracked enough.
  • Oh, bah! Everybody’s got problems. The world’s full of problems.
  • I’ve got news for that old walrus. I’m sticking it out! I plan to cheat, of course.
  • No sense going around insulting bullfrogs. The water world has its jungles too.
  • What in thunder is a monster like that doing in the mote? By George, I’ll turn him into a minnow.

He was full of problem-solving ideas.









  • Have you ever considered being a squirrel?
  • It would have worked if it weren’t for this infernal beard.
  • What a mess! What a medieval muddle! We’ll have to modernize it.
  • Don’t take gravity too lightly, or it’ll catch up with you.

But most importantly, Merlin understood love.

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  • That love business is a powerful thing. Greater than gravity? Well, yes. In its way, yes, I’d say it’s the greatest force on Earth.