Curiouser Update: Short Stories & Conferences

updatepic A couple of weeks ago, I decided to have a new friend review my short stories. I included a few nonfiction stories and a few fictional ones. As in college, my favorite ones were the fictional stories. I never received great grades on those. And as in college, the ones my friend enjoyed the most were my creative nonfiction stories.

So what am I planning to do with my stories, you ask? Publish them.

I have a big fat novel in the works, but without a small book and following behind me, reputable publishers won’t care to publish my novel.

So that’s where the short stories come in.

I don’t have enough content yet for the book of short stories, but I will. I’ve already remembered a few other hilarious stories to include in it. Looks like I’ve got some work to do.

In other news, the Launch Out Conference is this Friday and Saturday in Tulsa. Have I mentioned how excited I am? I. Cannot. Wait!

I’m going to do a drawing for a basket containing the following awesomeness: Curiouser Magazine’s book of the month for July, a magnet, an awesome notebook with your favorite hipster authors on it, 10% off editing/writing services, and a gift card.

My goal for the conference is to network. I’m excited to meet entrepreneurs with the same goals as I have. I am ready to be motivated and encouraged. I am ready to think up new ways to make Curiouser Editing grow.

Also, I hear they’re having queso night. Glory!