Launch Out

launchout The Launch Out conference this past weekend delivered more than I ever would’ve expected.

I became encouraged. Motivated. Driven.

Driven to forget about the fact that my biggest account is no more (thank you, Amazon) and to remember that there are hundreds of other businesses that need my web content too.

I'm driven to find those people—those new clients—like never before.

Driven to become the best—not good, not great—but the best editor and writer out there.

I met people.

People just like me, who are working as hard as possible to make their company the best there is.

People with problems. People with failures. People with successes.

Real people who embrace the ideas of creating, writing, speaking—who embrace life.

I learned some things.

I learned that I can’t just wander into greatness—I get there because I worked my tail off to make it happen.

I learned to show my strengths. I am a writer and an editor. I own Curiouser Editing LLC. And it's growing. That's my strength.

I learned to fail. And learned that it's okay to do so.

I learned to get up and succeed again and again.

So if you’re feeling stuck and don’t know how to get more clients, keep up with writing your novel, or get out of debt like you said you would, there’s still time.

Determine in your heart to not chase after your dreams, but to sprint toward them like a wild animal.

Don’t wait to start being awesome.

Don't wait to create an incredible life.

Don't wait.

Start now.