You Have a Voice: By Ralph Edwards

10525671_794127807293884_9208391259585734628_n Guest blogs are my favorite. I love hearing from friends new and old, and Ralph is very new. We met at the Launch Out conference in Tulsa, and I loved seeing someone so motivated at such a young age. Ralph is a developing leader, future teacher/speaker/facilitator, and encourager. Stay focused and motivated at his blog.


When you know, you know.

You get that feeling deep down in the pit of who you are—that feeling that you are doing what you are supposed to. That feeling that you are doing what you are called to do.

You just know.

Some people find this calling later in life. Others find it sooner.

Much sooner.

I found it at eighteen. I ran from it, because not only was it scary, but it was powerful. For the longest time I didn't understand that power. I was playing with fire.

I started writing seriously about a year a go. I found I had the opportunity to contribute to the growth of people across the world. To maybe spark something in them that will launch their dreams. To inspire the young man in inner city Chicago, trying to make a change in his life. To spark the little boy’s heart in north Tulsa, who has the potential to change his situation and to change his world. To open your eyes to the fact that life is a field of endless possibility, full of ripe crops, unharvested.

To open your eyes to your potential.

I speak and write because I have a story to tell. I speak and write because our generation needs a voice.

I found my voice behind this keyboard. I found my voice behind the microphone on stages.

I found my voice. And I loved it fiercely.

You have a voice. You know that it is powerful.

You have a story—a story that the whole world needs to hear.

Dont be afraid to share it, because you never know whose soul you can spark. A soul, whose  spark may change the world.