Tuesday Tidbit: Deadline Edition







  The final draft for the magazine is due, you have tension headaches, and you need to finish 45.5 projects by deadline—and you just awoke to flea bites, thirty new emails, and a roach hanging out by your sink. You’re tired, and the end of the month is waiting, lurking, ready to pounce on you. Deadline is here, people—and all you want to do is welcome death with open arms.

I present to you five ways to recover from deadline:

  1. Just walk away. It’s done. Just…just stop doing what you’re doing. It’s okay to take a break—especially since you worked the entire weekend while everyone else was swimming and eating cookies and stuff.
  2. Take that nap. “No way! I don’t have time for naps—I only have three hours and thirty-seven minutes left until midnight. I have to make every minute count.” That’s all fine and good, because I’ve uttered those words, but apparently that nap is going to sneak up on you anyway. Example: yesterday, for the first time in my life, I fell asleep in mid-text with three different lights on. I awoke an hour later asking, “Wha-what year is it?”
  3. Get out of the house. It’s okay to leave the dishes. It’s okay to close your laptop. It’s okay to go to Target and buy some cool stuff for yourself (e.g., a lamp, some makeup, a six-foot-tall bookshelf).
  4. Eat some cake. Don’t tell me you can’t celebrate deadline week. I mean, you just finished 45.5 projects and only cried twice—only twice! That’s what I call accomplishment.
  5. Relax! Get a pedicure. Go to the bookstore. Watch the game. Eat some chicken wings. Take a bubble bath. Do something artsy. Cook a fun meal. Go shopping. Get your nails all purdy. Take a day trip. Watch Netflix in your pajamas. Just do something to take your mind off deadline.

Bonus: just run away. No one will ever notice.