Five Pinteresting Tools for Writers

recite-8410--1214518127-5n7fcz People say pinteresting all the time. Leave me alone. It’s a great word.

  1. “10 Elements of Style of Post Writing” by How to Make My Blog. Omit needless words. Be clear. Avoid fancy words. This is an excellent tool to look at when you’re feeling stuck during the writing process. Yes, I suggest you read the book, of course, by Strunk & White, but this is a quick reference.
  2. Want to write a book but don’t know where to begin? Try CMA’s “Seven Steps to the Perfect Story.” It’s a fun infographic that breaks down the whole process.
  3. “101 Websites for Writers” from Writer’s Digest is quite self-explanatory. It is ridiculously helpful too. With job markets, communities, agents, and publishing resources, this PDF will keep you busy for hours.
  4. “Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling” is full of insightful information and encouraging advice. “When you’re stuck, ask yourself what wouldn’t happen next.”
  5. A boot camp for writers? Well, sort of. Margaret Feinberg wrote “21 Things No One Will Tell You as a Writer.” "Your first draft stinks. Every time. No matter what your mother said.”

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