Tuesday Tidbit: Five Steps to Organizing Your Desk

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I love organizing. I hate organizing. It depends on what day it is. Here are five steps to organizing your desk.

Step One: Drink some coffee. No one can properly organize without caffeine. I don’t care what your healthy friend says. If you’re not shaking, you’re not prepared.

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Step Two: Stare at your desk. Really take in how much garbage you’ve collected. Become one with the desk. Concentrate on that stack of receipts. Ask yourself how long that smoothie has been there.











Step Three: Move stuff around. In an effort to organize your desk, it’s important to pile them up and make them look like they’re put away. Give them a home they deserve. For example, my Post-it notes, coupons, and Candy Land game piece need a home. This plate is the perfect place for them.

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Step Four: Purchase little bins to help you stay organized. Then shove all your bills, important documents, notepads, CDs, magazines, and books in there. Now this next step is very important: forget they are there. This will allow you to panic when you can’t find them.

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Step Five: Just give up. Stop trying to make organization happen. It’s not going to happen. You really put forth a lot of effort, and that’s what’s important. Go take a nap.