Five Friday Favorites for Your Face


It’s Friday, Friday,

Gotta get down on Friday!

I’m sorry. Okay, let’s get the ball rollin’ with some Friday favorites.

If you only look at one link and forget the rest, watch this video from LostMy.Name. It’s amazing. They create books for any child's name—boy or girl. Click here!

How many of these authors’ first novels have you read? Take the quiz now.

“Engineers and manufacturers who made fewer than 10 grammatical errors in their freelancing materials could earn up to twice as much per hour than those who made more than 30—same goes for those working in finance, sales and legal professions.” Great infographic from Grammarly. Just how important is good grammar? Important enough to reduce your pay. Read here.

Want to know what the real Alice from Alice in Wonderland looks like? Well, take a look at Alice Liddell.

And finally, leave it to Oscar Wilde to create a very fun slang word: