How to Create Print & Ebooks on a Small Budget

Conquer Self-Publishing 101

If you're reading this, it's because you've shown an interest in self-publishing your book—but maybe your budget isn't lookin' so good. 

Meet James Woosley, author and coach—and your guide to creating high-quality books on a low budget through his course, Conquer Self-Publishing 101.

Conquer Self-Publishing 101 is more than just a course. It's a mastermind group and a learning laboratory where you will learn how to self-publish your print books and e-books so they look as good as the content they contain without breaking the bank.

Most coaches, speakers, and podcasters who are starting out don't have thousands of dollars available to publish their content. Most writers who dream of seeing their words in print don't either.

Thankfully, printing a book has never been easier or more cost effective than it is right now.

This is the course to help you master the art of self-publishing.

In five interactive online classes, you will learn how to professionally format a book to be print-ready, how to create a book cover, how to format an e-book, and how to upload your book to CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing. You'll also learn about the production timelines, how to manage your project budget, and countless tips and tricks.

The course details are below:

Publishing and Production Overview — Monday, Oct 19th at 8 pm ETLearn about your publishing options, the pros/cons of each, and learn what it takes to make a quality book.

Formatting Your Print Book — Wednesday, Oct 21st at 8 pm ETLearn how to use templates and tools to make your final draft print-ready (and whether you should do it yourself or hire a professional). This is hands-on learning where you can format your content or public domain materials.

Creating Your Cover — Monday, Oct 26th at 8 pm ETLearn how to use readily available software tools to create quality covers for yourself (if you have the talent your project deserves!). You will create a real book cover for CreateSpace, Kindle, or both.

Production with CreateSpace — Wednesday, Oct 28th at 8 pm ETLearn how to manage your book project, from timelines and budget to the data required to publish and sell on

Production with KDP — Monday, Nov 2nd at 8 pm ETLearn how to convert your print book into Kindle and other e-book formats and submit it to KDP.

Here's the best part: This 5-class course is only $97! 

If you'd like more information on this incredible course, then visit James's website by clicking the big button below.