Top Ten Bookish People to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is my favorite social media platform. It’s simple, effective, and full of awesome, book-loving people.

From bright, cheery shots to a spy who catches grammar blunders, here are my favorite bookish Instagram accounts:

Vintage Cube

It’s like eBay on your Insta feed—but for book lovers!

See a book you like? Comment with your email address and zip code to snag some affordable reads. Vintage Cube also posts pictures of books that sold so you can kick yourself for missing out on a great buy.

The Blithering Bookster

This girl knows how to find some sweet deals. I love seeing the towering stack of books she brings in from garage sales or thrift stores.

She has a library of 4,100 books, has Sherlock-esque logo, and is collector of medieval weapons. (Because, clearly, she wasn't cool enough already!) 


These bookish photos are to die for. Gorgeous use of white space, and is that a cutesy globe I see? I believe so!  

You can also comment to win these books. The trick? You have to be the first comment to win. Basically, you compete for books. Everybody, move out of my way! 


JuJu lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil (everyone, be jealous!), and takes her username seriously.

She’s recently been collecting Barnes & Noble classic books, and I can’t help but drool over her amazing photos. I’m still laughing about the photo of Frankenstein and Frankenskitty.


Eidolon House, owned by Joe and Jill Adams, specializes in antiquarian book restoration, special edition binding, and handcrafted goods—and so much more!

What they do is truly a work of art. You're in for a special treat when you see their one-of-a-kind craftsmanship.


If you’ve seen a clever shirt with grammar love across it, it’s probably Natalie’s.

“A chemist by day and a designer/screen printer/business owner by night.”

My personal favorite is the onomatopoeia shirt. Bam!


The first word that comes to mind when seeing Ziba’s books? Vivid.  

I don’t know where she’s getting some of her collector’s editions—like the one of Dracula and Twenty Thousands Leagues Under the Sea—but they are fabulous.

Bonus: you will see a palm tree or two.


Books and coffee? It’s a bookworm’s dream.

This college student has some way-too-cozy-looking photos that make me want to forget life and curl up with a good book and a hot cup of joe. 

Bonus: Coffee Shop Playlist: “We’ll supply the beats. Just don’t forget your coffee.” 


Did you really think I’d talk about books and not include some grammar fails?

Kristin posts some hilarious photos of grammar gone wrong that you’ve got to see to believe. I’m a fan of the “Gooble Gooble” post myself.


Just a good, old-fashioned booknerd here with stunning pictures. 

I tend to get caught up in all the old classics, so I love seeing some modern books here to keep me updated. She usually has a delicious beverage in the picture too—you know, in case you weren’t already craving coffee.

And don't forget: Curiouser Editing is on Instagram too!

What's your favorite bookish Instagram account? Post it in the comments so we can follow too.