Answers to Most Asked Marketing Questions

Two weeks ago in the Curiouser Author Network group, I offered a free 30-minute phone call to talk about your book needs. Guess what every single author chose to talk about?

Book marketing.

Because so many questions were duplicates, I’m going to answer them here too. Who knows? Maybe you have the same questions.

What pictures should I post on Instagram?

What do you like? What do you love to do all day? Now, maybe you're an author of a certain genre, so remember your audience. But here are some fun ideas to stay relevant to your topic and enjoy the photo-taking process:

Take a photo of:

—something that inspired you to write your book/story

—someone who motivates you daily

—food that your protagonist loves to eat

—your writing space

—your favorite book

—the setting of your book/story

—things your audience would love and can relate to

For that last one, think of it this way: if you wrote a book set in the 1960s, then take pictures of a vintage Beatles album, a mod dress, or vintage Pyrex dishes. Get whimsical.

How do I reach my audience?

Who is your audience? “My book is for everyone.”


Find your niche. Find that small group of loyal readers who can’t get enough of your book. Find your community. Stop trying to target a million people when you need to target a few hundred.

Are your readers twenty-somethings who want to become entrepreneurs? Then talk to them! Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups for young entrepreneurs. “There isn’t a group for that.”

Make one.

Once you know your audience, talk to them. Engage. Get to know their likes and dislikes. What do they need? How can your book help them? Inspire them? Excite them?

Once you know these things, finding them isn’t so tough. For example, Nina Soden writes supernatural books, so can she find Facebook writing groups for that genre? Yes please.

I feel like I’m over promoting. What can I do?

A friend of mine taught me this: give, give, give, give, sell. Repeat.

Give something to your audience. Give them a free e-book. Give away a gift card. Give them a helpful PDF on book illustrations, research guides for fiction books, or the best ways to write two thousand words a day. If you help your readers, they will be more apt to buy from you.

When you give someone something he can really use, he respects you and wants to hear more of what you have to say.

Then you don’t have to promote anymore. Your book ambassadors do it for you.

There you have it! Those were the most asked questions on book marketing. Was your question not answered? Send one my way! Let’s chat.