Writer-Friendly Marketing Products for a Productive 2016

Marketing your author brand is a lot like eating broccoli: You know you're supposed to and you know it's going to benefit you, but ugh, what a hassle.

No worries. Curiouser has got ya covered! Here are my favorite writer-friendly marketing products that I'm using in 2016.

The Pursuit Planner by Kelsey Humphreys
The Only Planner You Need to Grow Your Business

This is at the top of my list because it’s the first thing I’m going to grab every morning before I start my work. Imagine a planner that teaches you how to market your business. Authors, I’m talking to you! You are a brand, and your book is the product—this planner will help you market your book too.

There are more resources in this planner than you’ll know what to do with. She even included tons of printables on her website to add to the planner. 

Kelsey Humphreys is the creator. She’s the author of Go Solo and the host of The Pursuit.

Leather Journal
For old-fashioned brainstorming, outlining, and doodling

I splurged this year and bought an Italian leather journal. I use it for typical brainstorming, lists, budgeting, and blog ideas.

I highly recommend a very nice journal for authors out there who want to splurge and want something they'll pick up every day for inspiration.

Caneland Coffee
Liquid Hustle

Brandon Spencer is the owner of the oh-so delicious Caneland Coffee, based in Kentucky. When I need a good cup of joe, I pour Caneland. It is so smooth and rich. It helps me hustle harder during the busy weeks!

Guide to Literary Agents
The Most Trusted Guide to Getting an Agent

How is this helping my company? How is this bringing in author clients? Because when literary agents have to say no to aspiring authors who have potential, that’s where I come in. By connecting with the agents listed in this book, I’m establishing a relationship with them. Marketing, baby! Authors, you can use this to follow agents on Twitter and LinkedIn and establish a relationship with them. I also suggest Writer's Market.

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur
How to Publish a Book

This thing really is a beast. And it’s packed to the brim of must-have insight, resources, and how-tos. Because I’m in the publishing industry, I have to go through this and learn as much as I can. Why? So I can better serve you! My authors.

The Hot Sheet by Jane Friedman
The Essential Publishing Industry Newsletter for Authors—No Drama, No Hype

Yes, I paid for a newsletter. Can you believe it? But when you’re Jane Friedman, you provide high value and nothing else so it’s always worth the cost. In order for me to stay up to date on all things publishing, this useful tool is right at my fingertips. From the latest with vanity publisher lawsuits to Barnes & Noble’s rise in coloring books, The Hot Sheet offers nothing but serious insight into the publishing world.

Writing Day In and Day Out by Andi Cumbo-Floyd
Living a Practice of Words

Although I read this back in August, I took serious notes to use in the future. And the future is now, people!

Andi lives on a farm with goats and chickens and fresh veggies and all the cool things you wish you had so you can disconnect from the world and just write. She weaves in personal farm-life stories, giving this writing book that extra-something special. Some of the key elements I pulled from this book are: claim your writing space, give yourself permission to write, and understand that writing isn’t about numbers.

So how am I using this as a marketing tool? My job is writing or helping people to write better; therefore, I have to have the time to do that. Andi’s book helped me manage my writing time more effectively.

Facebook Groups

When Zuckerberg ruined Facebook pages for everyone, he gave us a sacred gift to make up for it: Facebook groups. If you don’t see the need to market your book/business in a Facebook group, then see yourself right out the door right meow. More of my clients have come from Facebook groups than any other social media platform. I like to talk to writers who need help with their book or are stuck on a plot hole. I also drop my blog posts in here from time to time.

The Pursuit Community — to match your planner, of course

Curiouser Author Network — learn, grow, and succeed as an author

The Write Life Community — helpful community for authors who want to learn

NaNoWriMo — enough said

Self-Publishing Success — author and speaker Kimanzi Constable admins here

Enlightened Indies Network — bestselling author M. L. Gardner admins this supportive group

Social Media Content

I use Buffer to schedule my social media content, and every weekend, I go through miles of emails and saved articles to pull the best titles for Twitter, Pinterest, and my Facebook group. Here’s where I get my content that helps to brand Curiouser as an author-centric company:

Michael Hyatt

Jon Acuff

Writing Forward

Better Novel Project

Jerry Jenkins

Positive Writer

Book Riot

Jane Friedman

Writer’s Weekly

Angela J. Ford

BuzzFeed Books (newsletter)

There you have it! A glimpse into my marketing world for 2016. How will you market your book or author brand this year? Write your tips and tricks in the comments!

Don't forget to visit our resources page and check out the Pre-Publishing Checklist for more marketing ideas.