7 Super Cool Tools & Apps for Writers

Cold Turkey

Distractions can make writing close to impossible, so stay focused with Cold Turkey, an app that blocks out websites so you can write interruption-free.

The meanest app out there.


Hemingway Editor

If you’ve read any of Hemingway’s works, then you know where this is going. Master succinct writing from the king of brevity at Hemingway Editor.

Make your writing bold and clear.


Word Hippo

A thesaurus on steroids, Word Hippo gives you as many synonyms as possible for whatever word you want and even helps you with sentences that start with that word or words that rhyme with that word or how to say that word in Russian…

Find similar or opposite words at Word Hippo. Oh, there’s a bunch of other stuff you can do too.



Sometimes, an iTunes playlist just isn’t enough. When I need to drown out (ha, pun) everything, I go here. It’s simply the sound of rain and a little bit of thunder to set the writing mood.


Word Counter

Are you overusing the word very? Looking for keywords? Word or character limit? Word Counter can help.

Counting words because words count.


Cliché Finder

Do you avoid clichés like the plague? Then this tool might not be for you. But if you’re at your wit’s end trying to create cliché-free writing, then try this.


Poets, rejoice! This app helps you write your poems and discover rhymes. It even helps with meter!

Poetreat is a poetry editor that suggests rhymes as you write.

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