8 Way-Too-Fun Book Promo Ideas That Work

Create bookmarks to give away with your book.

Author Matt Ham gave away bookmarks with his first book, Redefine RICH. It was such a simple gesture that went such a long way. Every time I see that bookmark, I think about Matt and his inspirational book. Guess what happens when I do that? I remember to like and share his posts on social media and even feature him on Author Showcase Wednesdays. By the way: he sold a book.

Host a Night on the Town—author style.

I am so in love with this idea. Fellow Instagram follower @authorrlm suggested a similar idea when she put up posters throughout her town and surrounding communities—even a newspaper article. Get in touch with a popular strip mall and organize a Night on the Town with food, giveaways, and your book, of course.

Use Instagram and its hashtags to your advantage.

I believe that Instagram is one of the best platforms for selling a book. Why? Because you can reach and engage a niche audience. You don’t have to just use #book every time you post. What is your book about? Oh, robots, racetracks, and retail stores? Congratulations—you have three niche hashtags to reach three different audiences.

Get a pop-out of your character so fans can use it for social media.

It’s no secret that I love Grace’s Gift Book, but what really caught my attention was the pop-out of the main character. In the back of the book, the reader can cut out Grace and put her in different places and post pictures of her adventures. My nephews and niece had so much fun doing this that it prompted us to write fan mail to the author and post our pictures all over social media.

Partner with a band, public figure, or small business that has the same cause as you.

Hello, exposure. How many times have you heard someone say that word of mouth is the best form of advertising? Word-of-mouth advertising can’t exist if you don’t network. And when you network with some favored people, book sales are going to go up. Partner with someone who has the same cause as you or relates to your book. Maybe a public figure in your city has a child with autism and can relate to your book on autism.

Donate your book at a big charity fundraiser.

Sometimes giving is much better than getting. How much fun would it be to donate your book’s proceeds to a great cause and network with amazing people?

Have a costume party using your characters’ attire.

Don’t even pretend like this isn’t genius. Think of all the themes! We’re talking murder mystery dinner, people! If you’re having a launch party (and you should), a costume party is a fun, imaginative way to get people excited about your book. Make it exclusive with an invite-only status.


If you’re new to geocaching, read the link. For those of you who think I’m nuts to suggest something like geocaching to promote a book, allow me to explain. Geocaching is popular. People love it. There’s even an app, and you can leave little hints (quotes from characters; poems about the book) each time you check in on the app. So what will you hide? The book? Nope. Your bookmark or a business card with the QR code only of the book’s website (so mysterious). You don’t have to stay local, either. If you travel frequently, get on your app and find a spot to leave some promotional items.

Four other fun book promo ideas:

  • Tease the writer with snippets of your book in quotation marks.
  • Get a book trailer. Curiouser Editing offers them.
  • Start a Facebook group just for your fans.
  • Participate in a book tour via podcast or video.


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