The Writer's 2018 Christmas Wish List

Christmas is upon us, and it’s time to give everyone your list of wants. I’ve compiled a list of what every writer (probably) wants for Christmas, so share this bad boy to family, friends, and coworkers.

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1. Master Class

Learn from the best with an online course from authors like Margaret Atwood (the one I’m taking now), R. L. Stine, James Patterson, Dan Brown, Judy Blume, and more. This is #1 on the list because it’s educational, unique, and just plain outstanding.

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2. Scrivener

Give the gift of a writing software that isn’t Microsoft Word. I used Scrivener to write The Suicide Tree and refuse to use anything else when writing big-picture stories. The folks at Literature & Latte thought of everything when they created Scrivener. If you’ve never used it to write a story, you’re in for a special treat.

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3. Writer Emergency Pack

26 illustrated cards, each featuring a different idea for getting unstuck. My friend Oren swears by these when facing writer’s block.

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4. Ads for Authors Course (Mark Dawson)

I’ve completed this course and highly recommend it. Bestselling and high-earning author Mark Dawson covers Facebook ads, Amazon ads, BookBub ads, and so much more. It’s only available for a couple more weeks, though, so you better act fast! Yes, this is a big purchase, but boy will it pay off big time!

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5. Querkywriter Keyboard

Love the tap-tap-tap of an old-school typewriter? Then you’ll want this on your desk 24/7. Isn’t it beautiful? Works with IOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows.

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6. Fingerless Writing Gloves

I love to write, but I don’t like being cold. Whether you’re cozied up inside your home or typing away at a coffee shop, get that writing done while staying warm with these fingerless writing gloves. No lie: this one is for sure on my list.

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7. Writing Conference Ticket

How motivated would you feel if someone bought you a ticket to attend a writing conference? I’d feel like my new year was off to a great start! Here are some of my favorite conferences:


8. Kindle Paperwhite (Waterproof)

I want to read in the bathtub. ‘Nough said.


9. The Storymatic

Talk about creativity on steroids! This would be a blast to have on hand for parties. You get 540 unique cards to tell stories, play games, make art, and more. Hooray for imagination! My writing group would go bananas over this one.


10. Hippo Bookmark

I have this, thanks to a good friend who saw me talking about it on Facebook. He’s pretty cute. Named him Clarence.


11. Bookopoly

Make your friends cry and throw tantrums just like all the times before when you all played Monopoly. But this time, they’ll be crying because they said Frankenstein as an answer when the answer was clearly Frankenstein’s monster.


12. Mark-My-Time Purple Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer

Although this is a good present for the younger writer in your life (who happens to be a reader, because, duh), this is genius for those of us who lead busy lives but want just 15 dang minutes of reading time, so help me.

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13. A Domain Name

Now, you’d have to know this person well, but what a gift! The most obvious answer is to buy the domain using their author name. For example, my author name is Shayla Raquel, so my domain name is If you know what your author friend wants to use as a domain (since he or she doesn’t have a website yet), then why not spend a few bucks on a domain to motivate your friend?

I recommend purchasing from Squarespace or literally anyone but GoDaddy.


14. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Yes, that’s right! You can gift your writer friend/family member with this popular subscription. She can download more e-books than she’ll know what to do with.


15. Write Today Reminder Stickers

If you love daily planners like I do (Day Designer = my life), then these inexpensive stickers from Etsy will be a top-notch stocking stuffer.


16. COWIN E7 Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

Give me silence, or give me death! I use Beats, but these are only $50 and have that lovely Amazon’s Choice banner on the page. Do not ever underestimate how much a writer craves your silence.

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17. The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition

As a writer, we have to know how to prepare our manuscript for publishing. CMOS is a hefty stylebook but should sit on every writer’s desk as a must-have tool for grammar, spelling, punctuation, citations, and formatting.

Or simply buy the online subscription right here.


18. Bathtub Writing Tray Desk Thingy

This is either a genius idea, or a really impractical one. Either way, if you feel like writing while surrounded by bubbles, then you’ll need this thingamajig.


19. “Do Not Disturb: Writer at Work” Door Hanger

So the warnings just aren’t doing it, huh? Try being more proactive and hang this sign on your door knob to caution those annoying family members. I mean, what?


20. Expensive Fountain Pen

Another Amazon’s Choice! I seriously want this. I’m always looking for pens that can keep up with the flow of my brain. Get fancy shmancy!

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An expert editor, seasoned writer, and author-centric marketer, Shayla Raquel works one-on-one with authors and business owners every day. A lifelong lover of books, she has edited over 300 books and has launched several Amazon bestsellers for her clients. Her award-winning blog teaches new and established authors how to write, publish, and market their books. She is the author of the Pre-Publishing Checklist, The Rotting (in Shivers in the Night), and The Suicide Tree. In her not-so-free time, she acts as organizer for the Yukon Writers’ Society, volunteers at the Oklahoma County Jail, and obsesses over squirrels. She lives in Oklahoma with her two dogs, Chanel and Wednesday.