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“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more.”

I celebrated Christmas with my family like most do.

We spent all day on Christmas Eve preparing snack food (chicken wings, chips and dip, cookies) and cooking Christmas Day’s feast (ham, dressing, mashed potatoes).

It’s turns out that deviled eggs are easier to prepare when you know how to prepare them. I was to crack the boiled eggs and peel them. Simple enough.

(Sure, if you’re a rocket scientist or something.)

I cracked them just fine; it was the peeling part that was a little ridiculous. Go figure that my ten-year-old nephew cracked and peeled them with the agility of a squirrel to his acorn. I only butchered three…four…of the eggs, splitting them in half every other time; but I got to sit around the table and chat with my family, so who’s to complain?

We stuffed ourselves all day long until we were as bloated as Violet when she turned into a blueberry. We gathered around the living room to open our presents just as the sun was saying so long.

The kids tore in to their presents and were gone in a flash to unite in one mission: putting together the illustrious LEGO train set.

We all had some incredible presents, but what I loved was snuggling up on the couch to watch our traditional holiday movie together: Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. We must have seen that movie a few dozen times by now, but we still collectively laugh just as hard.

I snorted while my brother slapped his knee as the squirrely squirrel rode on Clark’s back, bobbing to and fro as panic ensued.

As we watched Clark and Eddie sip from their notorious moose eggnog glasses, a Nerf dart flew through the air, landing by the back door.

We stole a glance at my nephew as he lurked behind the couch, disappearing with a wry smile.

The movie ended, and I retired to my room, overjoyed at the stack of beautiful gifts. I organized them all and headed to bed soon after.

Strangely enough, as I closed my eyes on Christmas Eve, I didn’t think of all my gifts, but of what Christmas always brings to our home: family.

And maybe a sore jaw from laughing all day long.

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