Get Picked to Speak: An Essential Guide for Newbie Speakers

“If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation, your audience never will.” —Harvey Diamond

Do you wish to move your career forward, grow your business, promote your book, connect with new clients, or highlight your message? Then you might want to consider public speaking.

Get Picked by authors Aurora Gregory and David Pitlik delivers a fresh perspective on tried-and-true methods, steering you away from the pitfalls of public speaking so you can get picked to speak.

Whether you’re looking to build your resume, strengthen your LinkedIn profile, or kickstart a new career, Get Picked will teach you how to find conferences that work for your expertise, how to effectively pitch to them, and how to deliver a compelling speech worth listening to.

Their in-depth, proven methods for writing an irresistible speaker proposal keeps you ahead of the game—because they’re ahead of the game. From writing session titles to creating drama to constructing a session story, you’ll never have to guess if your speaker proposal is worthwhile.

All their instructions are well written and easy to understand, and I appreciated the humor throughout the book to keep me entertained, which came as no surprise to me since David Pitlik spent seventeen years as a TV comedy writer. The resources on writing a speaker bio, speaker submission samplers, and dos and don’ts were a fantastic surprise, once again making this book so valuable to me as a pitching speaker.

If you’re ready to head into the speaking arena, then Get Picked is the perfect companion for any new speaker.

You can purchase their book here or visit their website here.

“Speaking at conferences is, hands down, the best way to raise your profile, be seen as an expert, and win business. Rather than focusing on one-to-one marketing methods, you can leverage your time by speaking to hundreds of prospects at once (usually, for free!). Get Picked  is the book I wish I had written on the topic. Grab this fluff-free guide to getting your name in conference programs and implement the savvy advice today. Your business or career will thank you.” —Lori Nash Byron, CEO, Famous in Your Field

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