20 Things You Can Learn from Dreamers

On June 27, I had the honor of speaking in Nashville at the same conference as New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff. It’s called the Launch Out conference, and it is for entrepreneurs. It is for builders. It is for dreamers. 

If you’ve ever been around someone who sprints toward his dreams, then you know he’s absolutely insane. Nothing will get in his way. Nothing can stop him. He will accomplish his goals because he knows no other way to live.

So I thought, maybe we could learn a thing or two from a dreamer.

1.      How do you get momentum? Go do stuff. — Casey Lewis @caseynlewis

2.      Stress is no way to live. — Matt Lovell @themattlovell

3.      Hope is the original fear-puncher. — Jane Tuttle @janeatuttle

4.      You are building something worth sinking for. — Kelsey Humphreys @kelseyhumphreys

5.      Failure is not an option. It’s inevitable. — Randy Langley @randyglangley

6.      Don’t do perfect work. At no point in our lives will we ever do perfect work. — Ralph Edwards @ralphcedwards

7.      When you know your purpose, you can push pause without losing your story. — Sarah Harmeyer @neighborstable

8.      I’m not just a storyteller. I am story. — Ronne Rock @ronnerock

9.      We used to use social media to document moments. Now we use it to create moments we can document. — Jon Acuff @jonacuff

10.  No matter what you hear around you, let this anchor ground you. You have things to do. You are more than enough. — Kinda Wilson @kindawilson

11.  When you run out of excuses to leap, you have no excuse not to leap. — David Dollar @davedollar

12.  Don’t have a webinar about blue cars and talk about motorcycles the whole time. — Amy Campbell @theredchecker

13.  Don’t rush the process. Learn to be awesome right where you are.  — Tammy Helfrich @tammyhelfrich

14.  We make to-do lists because we want to be efficient and effective. Why don’t we make to-be lists? — Matt Ham @matthamsr

15.  Think of your hustle as a farm, not a factory. — Mike Loomis @mikeloomis

16.  The voice of the critic does not matter. — Jerrod Murr @jerrodmurr

17.  I hope you work the way you live. — Bill Seybolt @cyb01t

18.  Make it impossible to forget about your dreams. — Jennifer Kaufman @jnkaufman

19.  Your unique perspective matters. — Alice Sullivan @alicewrites

20.  (On value pricing vs. hourly pricing) Why should I penalize myself because I’m good? — Eric Deeter @ericdeeter

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