62 Redundancies to Avoid in Writing


Redundancy: (of words or data) able to be omitted without loss of meaning or function.

Say good-bye to those redundant phrases. And say hello to more concise writing.

  1. 12 midnight/midnight
  2. 12 noon/noon
  3. 7:00 a.m. in the morning/7:00 a.m.
  4. a person who is honest/an honest person
  5. a total of 14 birds/14 birds
  6. absolutely spectacular/spectacular
  7. added bonus/bonus
  8. advance planning/planning
  9. armed gunman/gunman
  10. biography of her life/biography
  11. circle around/circle
  12. circulate around/circulate
  13. close proximity/proximity
  14. completely full/full
  15. completely unanimous/unanimous
  16. consensus of opinion/consensus
  17. cooperate together/cooperate
  18. each and every/each
  19. enclosed herewith/enclosed
  20. end result/result
  21. exactly the same/the same
  22. fewer in number/fewer
  23. final completion/completion
  24. final outcome/outcome
  25. firm in consistency/firm
  26. frank and honest exchange/frank exchange or honest exchange
  27. free gift/gift
  28. future plans/plans
  29. important (or basic) essentials/essentials
  30. in spite of the fact that/although
  31. in the event that/if
  32. in the field of economics/in economics
  33. in the month of September/September
  34. invited guests/guests
  35. large in size/large
  36. my personal opinion/my opinion
  37. new innovations/innovations
  38. one and the same/the same
  39. particular interest/interest
  40. past experience/experience
  41. past history/history
  42. period of four days/four days
  43. personally, I think/I think
  44. predict in advance/predict
  45. puzzling in nature/puzzling
  46. red in color/red
  47. refer back/refer
  48. repeat again/repeat
  49. return again/return
  50. revert back/revert
  51. round in shape/round
  52. shorter in length/shorter
  53. still continues/continues
  54. summarize briefly/summarize
  55. surrounded on all sides/surrounded
  56. the future to come/the future
  57. there is no doubt but that/no doubt
  58. true fact/fact
  59. unexpected surprise/surprise
  60. unsolved mystery/mystery
  61. usual/habitual custom/custom
  62. we are in receipt of/we have received

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