8 Tried and True Ways to Market Your Book


Here are eight tried and true ways you can market your very own book.

Ready-Made Reviews. Pre-release reviews are going to do wonders for your Amazon stats. Before publication, make a list of book bloggers and reviewers in your book’s genre, read up on them a little, and start sending your manuscript out for early reviews. My friend, Kelsey, did this and got an awesome review from Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank.

Pre-Planned Promo Kit. I wish more authors did this because it makes things so much easier. To make a promo kit about your book, collect all of the following files: graphics, links, excerpts, book summary, author bio, and sample Facebook shares and Tweets. When it’s time to guest blog for someone, send that out!

Posh Podcast. Go to iTunes and select the podcasts option. Choose a genre that would suit your book. For example, my client contacted business podcasts because his book was about—yep—business. Find the podcasts that would work for your book and contact them about an interview. Be sure to read their guidelines first.

Lovely Launch. This will take preparation! It’s not something you can just throw together and hope for the best. Really think outside of the box for this one. Plan a fun, lavish party, launch at a unique venue that relates to your book’s content, or team up with other authors to heighten the excitement.

Hurry, Hurry. Use time-limited coupons, giveaways, and contests. Host a contest on your website. Offer bonuses or special extras to readers who purchase your book before the publishing date.

Read ’Em and Reap: Book readings and author visits are a great way to gain exposure and bring in sales. Go to schools, bookstores, libraries, businesses, or community colleges. Bring a packet that gives a summary of what to expect during your visit: printed materials like a flyer, book order form, or other promotional materials like bookmarks, magnets, or pens. Send out a press release too.

Peer Promoting. Share authors’ blog posts, review their books and blog posts, and hype up your fanbase about your author friend’s upcoming book. You'll create a strong network of peer support this way. Your author friends will see what you’ve done for them and keep you in mind for other things.

Carefree Consignment. Consign your book to gift shops, specialty stores, boutiques, coffee shops, and galleries. The storeowners may not want to purchase your books outright, but may display and sell them in their store for a cut of the profits. This works great, because I found an author (whose books I adored) at a little boutique on the beach. Her books are about ocean creatures, so it works perfectly.

What are some great ways to market your book that I didn't mention?

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