Ready to Publish?

If you're ready to self-publish your book, keep it simple with Amazon KDP for ebook and paperback. Follow along during my helpful, easy-to-understand tutorial for indie authors. 


Get Your Facebook Author Page Set Up

You have a Facebook profile, but you've never set up you've never created an author page to showcase your books. I walk you through the process and give you helpful tips and tricks.


Tired of Boosted Posts? Try This

Use this simple, effective tip to avoid paying for boosted posts on Facebook author pages.


Want to try Facebook ads for your book?

I walk you through the process of starting your first Facebook ad for your book. You'll need a Facebook author page, an Amazon Associates (affiliate) account, information about your target market, a striking cover photo, punchy copy, and a few bucks for Facebook to start.


Ready to build your email list? Here’s how to get subscribers!

Using Bill McCurry dark-fantasy novel, Death's Collector, as an example, I walk authors through the process of setting up a Facebook ad with a lead generation objective to build their email list.


Mailchimp to Facebook

By redirecting new email subscribers to your personal Facebook group, you can engage them better and form stronger relationships with your subscribers.


Facebook Book Launch Party Setup

Reach more readers by throwing a Facebook launch party for your book! Watch this quick how-to.


How to Use Thunderclap for Your Book Launch

Want to reach hundreds of thousands of people on your book's release day? Thunderclap can help! Here's a how-to for beginners.


How to Insert Citations in Word in under Two Minutes

If you're writing a nonfiction book and plan on citing your sources, keep it simple by using this quick method. There's also a helpful tip on finding book information using Google Books.