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Below are guest blog posts I've written for other authors, publishing experts, and editors as well as interviews for your viewing pleasure. 


How Creative Journaling Encouraged My Novel Writing
Bryan Hutchinson, The Positive Writer

My sloppy cursive and teenage-angst-filled woes covered a couple dozen journals back in the day. But after college, my daily journal habit drifted away, replaced with the click-click-clack of my MacBook keyboard. So when Bryan Hutchinson asked me to write about journaling, I saw a golden opportunity for a new adventure: trying creative journaling for the first time. I had an amazing experience with creative journaling, so I’ve got a few tips and words of advice for those looking to try it.


10 Ways to Write an Unforgettable Memoir
Frank McKinley, Thriving Writers

A memoir is more than the true story of your life. It’s your legacy. So if you’re going to write your legacy, don’t you want it to be unforgettable? Can you imagine spending all your time on your memoir, only for it to fall short? While I could’ve given you twenty or thirty ways to write an unforgettable memoir, I chose to focus on the ten most important elements. I’ve had the privilege of editing a few dozen memoirs, and the ones that always stayed with me were those that followed these principles.


7 Writing Lessons I Learned the Hard Way
Meg Konovska, Just How Cool Is That

My first novel, The Suicide Tree, isn’t finished yet. But oh, how close I am to the finish line! Of course, I’ve encountered many obstacles along this tortuous course. Lend your ears, for I have wisdom to share Behold! Seven writing lessons I had to learn the hard way.


Writing Success Is within Your Grasp [INTERVIEW]
Frank McKinley, Thriving Writers

FRANK: Writing success. It’s what every writer who wants to go pro dreams of. I recently spoke with Shayla Raquel, an expert editor, seasoned writer, and author-centric marketer. Her mission is to help writers like you make their books the best they can be. In this interview, she shares tips that will help you write a better manuscript, engage with readers, and sell more books!


Jane Friedman Interview: The Business of Being a Writer [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Publishing powerhouse Jane Friedman talks about her upcoming book, The Business of Being a Writer, and answers your questions. Jane has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in digital media strategy for authors and publishers. She also maintains an award-winning blog for writers at JaneFriedman.com.


Shayla Raquel Spills the Tea [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
Sarah Fox, The Bookish Fox

From vanity publishers to book marketing to working with an editor, Sarah Fox and I give our opinions on the author industry in this live interview.


Shayla Raquel Interviews Bestselling Author Patricia Woosley [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Author of the young adult bestselling book Ignite Your Spark, Patricia Wooster discusses her life as a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and her shift into the indie world.


Running an Editing Business with Shayla Raquel [INTERVIEW]
Rebecca Henderson, The Kreativ Space

Rebecca: How did you begin marketing your editing services?

Shayla: Terribly. I didn’t quite understand that the only people who cared about blog posts on grammar were . . . well, grammarians. My branding coach said, “Are you marketing to editors?” I said no. He said, “Well, stop talking about grammar so much.” 


15 Clever Offline Marketing Ideas for Authors
Bryan Hutchinson, Positive Writer

#11: Be interviewed at your book’s setting. A very fun one for fiction authors! What is the setting of your book? Can you go there and be interviewed by their local paper or anchorperson? You can talk about why you chose that setting and its importance in the novel. If your book is set in a deep, dark jungle, then maybe reconsider this one.


10 Platform-Building Strategies for Writers on a $0 Budget
Bryan Hutchinson, Positive Writer

If you’re ready to build your platform, gain more readers, and watch your website stats rise, then try these effective, free strategies.