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What on earth are NovaVita and the Raven Virus? Find out in #TheSuicideTree by @shaylaleeraquel

A washed-up hacker. Two hated scientists. And offbeat alter personalities. Preorder #TheSuicideTree by @shaylaleeraquel

With his cybercrime charges dropped, Knox Kevel heads to Italy to find the woman who experimented on his new employer. Read #TheSuicideTree by @shaylaleeraquel

Knox Kevel receives the job of a lifetime when a mysterious man gets his charges dropped for cybercrime and hires him for an international job. Read #TheSuicideTree by @shaylaleeraquel

Meet Arlo Jenson . . . and Todd and Eli. (Same body, different people.) Read #TheSuicideTree by @shaylaleeraquel

Meet Jessa Delgado, a tour guide in Italy who steals Knox’s heart. Preorder #TheSuicideTree by @shaylaleeraquel

Read #TheSuicideTree by @shaylaleeraquel — a sci-fi novel with adventure, thrills, and a splash of love.

Who were Athena and Benjamin Kevel, and why didn’t they save the world? Read #TheSuicideTree by @shaylaleeraquel to find out:

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