I shape aspiring writers into successful authors.

Going to speech and drama camp as a teenager taught me two things. One, I’m a terrible actress. And two, I adore writing and authors.

My love for authors and their words drives me to motivate and encourage them to grow. Let me share my passion with your audience to help them get unstuck so they can write their best book and share it with the world. 

Whether it's unraveling the mysteries of self-publishing, coaching on the art of storytelling, or explaining the hottest trends in book marketing, I can help every member of your group find a new level of confidence as an author. 


Keynotes. Panels. 
Workshops. Webinars.

I love helping authors, so if your local writers' group needs guidance on self-publishing or your annual conference is in need of a keynote speaker, I entertain while educating. I can speak with your group on any of the following (live or digital):

  • Bump Up Your Book Sales with Email Marketing — Watch your book sales soar with this in-depth discussion on list building. 
  • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Uncovering the Truth about Vanity Publishers — Protect your group from becoming prey to publishing scammers. 
  • How to Avoid Being Bamboozled by a Book Editor — Everything your group needs to know about working with a book editor.
  • Now You’re Cooking: A Strategic Recipe for Sizzling Book Marketing — From social media to your website to an email list, I'll cover everything you need to know so you can up those Amazon rankings—and your bank account.
  • Self-Publishing Class: Become an A+ Indie Author — We'll follow the Pre-Publishing Checklist all the way to indie success.
  • Wherefore Art Thou, Finished Novel? Fall in Love with Writing Again — More words written, no poison necessary. 
  • Un-Bottle Those Emotions: Strengthening Prose and Dialogue with Simple Tricks — We'll use The Emotion Thesaurus as our guide in this interactive session. 

Selected Clips

Curiouser Editing president, Shayla Eaton, discusses vanity publishers: What is a vanity publisher? How much does it cost to publish with one? Why are they a poor option for serious authors? Why is it important for authors to know about them? How can we stop others from using them?
Facebook ads costing you too much? Twitter feeling overcrowded? Then why not use email to bump up your book sales? During this webinar, we'll answer your burning questions. Including: How do I build a relationship with my email list? What are the different kinds of email you I should send to my list?

What Others Are Saying

"When you hear Shayla Raquel speak, you’ll know she truly loves authors. You’ll also learn she’s hilarious, direct, and wise. Whether it be a keynote, workshop, or panel, Shayla will bring a unique and authentic energy to your audience." —Mike Loomis, Author & Brand Marketer

"Shayla is a dynamic presenter who leverages her knowledge of consumer behavior to increase businesses’ online presence." —Dr. Markel D. Quarles, LVC Entrepreneurs Group

"Shayla Raquel was a great addition to our event. She is knowledgeable about her subject matter and was a joy to listen to. She speaks more as a friend than a lecturer, creating a fun and supportive environment." —Diana Haslet, Enid Writers Group

"So many times, the expectations placed on an author when it comes to promoting their upcoming book can be paralyzing, but Shayla’s talk on marketing and PR was refreshing, inspiring, and totally took the pressure off. She combined broad recommendations with detailed suggestions, and I took a lot away from her presentation." —Shawn Smucker, Author of The Day the Angels Fell

"Our church (Living Victory Church, Bakersfield, CA) has an Entrepreneurs Group. This group consists of business owners in our community. We invited Shayla to conduct a webinar on the topics of marketing and social media for small businesses. I have always had great results from Shayla's work, but she somehow exceeded our expectations. Her presentation was informative and clear; her presentation style was articulate and welcoming. Anyone would benefit greatly from Shayla's services." —Dr. Dwayne Cantrell, Senior Pastor, Living Victory Church

Recent Engagements

Dwayne Cantrell's Entrepreneur Group

Enid Writers' Club — Enid, OK

WORDFest, Writers' Organizations 'Round Dallas — Hurst, TX

Writers' Retreat, God's Whisper Farm — Radiant, VA

Yukon Writers' Society — Yukon, OK — Organizer for the biweekly meetings and workshop speaker

Upcoming Engagements

WORDFest — Hurst, TX — March 24, 2018 

Yukon Writers' SocietyYukon, OK — April 28, 2018

Writing Workshops Dallas — Dallas, TX — June 24, 2018 — Now You’re Cooking: A Strategic Recipe for Sizzling Book Marketing

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