Here's what authors are saying:

Working with Shayla Raquel was a delight. Not only did she edit my book, she thoroughly walked me through the edits and discussed the changes with me. I felt like 100% of her focus was on my book and my book alone. I appreciated how available she made herself during the process. I also benefited from a personal marketing and social media session. She suggested changes that have improved my overall sales and gave me a broader social media reach. I intend on using Shayla's services again in the near future. — M. L. Gardner, Bestselling Author of the 1929 Series

Shayla loves words. Even better, she has the energy and wisdom to put them in the right order! I highly recommend entrusting your words with her talent.

—Mike Loomis, Coach and Literary Agent


After hearing Shayla speak at the Nonfiction Authors Association meeting in Dallas, I knew I wanted to work with her. I did not know in what capacity until we had a strategy session call. I thought I was savvy with social media but knew there was room for improvement. Not until our first coaching session of my Marketing Repair Plan did I realize how much help I needed. As a solopreneur, I’ve learned to do many things myself. Yet, as a registered dietitian nutritionist, I’m smart enough to know I don’t know everything and it was time to reach out to an expert. Shayla knows her stuff and I valued our time, my homework assignments, how-to videos, and other resources provided. My following and engagement on social media increased by utilizing the tips, tricks, and techniques Shayla taught me. Shayla was delightful to work with and although my book is still in process, I know the value of having a strong social media following to support me when my book eventually is published. My goal is to continue providing unbiased, relevant health and nutrition information so people make educated decisions. With my more strategic social media plan, I’m well on my way. Thanks, Shayla!

Neily on Nutrition, RDN

Shayla was a fantastic editor every step of the way! She brings her incredible passion for good books to every aspect of the editing process. From the initial email all the way through to the final proofread, Shayla was enthusiastic about my story and completely committed to making it the best that it could be. I loved interacting with her over the Skype chat, reading her comments and suggestions, and hearing her input on style and characterization. I learned so much from working with her and I can’t wait to work with her again on my next project. Shayla is a true gem in the book industry—if you’re looking for a teammate in your book’s success, you’ll love working with Shayla!

—Ellen Smith, Every Last Minute

I was getting ready to launch my book when I watched Shayla's Best Book Launch Ever online course on ALLI. I think I listened to it three times. She has such a great, fun personality, but her talk was also packed full of step-by-step information that I hadn’t even considered. I didn’t have the three-month window that she recommends, but I had a month, and I got to work immediately. I set up a Facebook group just for the launch team, and I copied her invitation and started inviting people from my social media platform. Her invitation request was simple, and somehow she gave me the confidence to try. I have 800 people on my Facebook page, so I was shooting for 80 people for my launch team, but I ended up with over 100. There is so much I could say about Shayla’s advice, but I’d really like to highlight the actual launch party, which was again step-by-step, but one thing that was such a great idea were the games. I gave away signed books, bookmarks, cover art, fan art, and gift cards. But the kicker is, that if someone wants to win one of the prizes, they have to do something for you! Buy the book, leave a review, like and share your promo post on Facebook, like, comment, and tag an Instagram post. Following her advice, I even have new followers on Pinterest. Thanks to her, my book, Ghosts of Black Bear Mountain, broke the top 100 in my category, Horror/Ghost, I hit my goal of 20 reviews, and I added 56 new subscribers to my mailing list all in the first three days. I highly recommend Shayla Raquel’s launch team strategies. I’m a lifelong fan!

 —Marc Monroe, Ghosts of Black Bear Mountain

When I hired Shayla to completely revamp my old website, I was a little nervous. Was this necessary? Was it worth the money? Was I going to be able to maintain it? And the answer to all those questions is a resounding YES! While she was working on setting up my new site, she walked me through everything (and I took copious notes). She imported my nine years of blog posts that had seen at least three hosting iterations over the years and made them seamless. It looked amazing! But where her service truly excelled was in the support she offered. Once the site was fully operational, she offered an additional month of support! And believe me, I made her earn her money. Dealing with a troglodyte like myself, she was amazingly patient and I felt I could ask all the questions I had. I did have a twinge of panic when my month ended, wondering if I could do this on my own. But then I remembered I had a stockpile of Shayla's how-to emails and videos that I could always refer to. Her services have even helped me help other friends work on their own sites. Shayla’s help just keeps on giving. I cannot recommend her highly enough—there just aren’t words for how grateful I am for her skills and talents. Shayla helped me feel like I was a professional author with a professional platform. She made me believe in myself.

—Julia Inserro, Nonni’s Moon

Choosing to work with Shayla was one of the best decisions we made on the road to launching our book. She saw the value in what we had written and brought the editing buff and polish it needed to ensure everyone who read it would feel the same. When it came time to launch, Shayla guided us brilliantly every step of the way. Her deep knowledge of how indie authors can use social media tools to bring maximum exposure to their book was invaluable. With Shayla’s expert guidance, we launched a bestseller and we know, without a doubt, that we have put out our very best book. Work with Shayla, and you’ll put out your very best book too. 
—Bestselling Authors Aurora Gregory and David Pitlik, Get Picked: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Creating an Irresistible Speaker Proposal

Shayla has been an incredible support to my book-writing process. I am already a published author, but this is the first book I have self published in many years. With changes in technology and social media I was incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of detail involved. Shayla made the process less daunting and helped me to establish attainable goals to complete the process. What I appreciated most, is that Shayla had the understanding and patience to tailor a custom strategy that aligned with my busy schedule. When I finish the manuscript for my next book, Shayla will definitely be my first phone call.
—Dwayne Cantrell, Author of Life after Failure

Every editor has strengths and weaknesses. I'm a line and copyeditor, and I avoid or find the errors in my writing, but know that certain aspects of developmental editing are not my strong suit. When I need a developmental editor to look at my writing, Shayla is one of two people I trust to do that (the other is a member of my team). I asked Shayla to look over an article for me, and she asked several questions that helped me clarify things for the reader and improve the piece. When you need someone who has that big-picture view to take a critical look and help you make your writing better, call Shayla Raquel.
—Jennifer Harshman, Owner of Harshman Services

Working with Shayla has been an excellent experience. I needed something written up fast, and Shayla did not hesitate and delivered it right on time with amazing results. It's great to have someone work with you who you can trust. Thank you for fabulous work! 
—Isabel Hundt, Author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success

Shayla Raquel performed copyediting and proofreading of my forthcoming book, The Type B Financial Plan. She did exactly what she promised and completed her tasks on time. Her suggestions were very insightful and easy to understand and implement. Our Skype conversations have given me lots of confidence about my book. Shayla also has plenty of helpful contacts that have been good to work with. It has been a pleasure working with Shayla, and I recommend her without reservation. I cannot wait to get my next book together so I can work with her again.
—Paul R. Walters, CPA (California) Author of The Type B Financial Plan

Thank you to Shayla for your professionalism with this project. You care about your work, and it shows. You keep your timelines, put forth great effort, and deliver an incredible product. I could not be happier about the decision to use Shayla for my manuscript. I appreciate you and your team. The Skype call was a nice touch. It was good to put a personality with your work and it became clear to me then just how serious and professional you operate. I also liked the contract. It helped to educate me on the process and set boundaries and expectations for both of us. I feel like you and your team have added a lot of value to my book by refining it into the finished product. So, again, thank you.
—Bradley Gann, Author of Primed: The 4-Minute Start to Taking Over the World

I am so excited! I just received the edited copy of my manuscript from Shayla Raquel. She did an amazing job, and her prices were great. It was much easier than I thought it would be. She was always prompt in responding to my emails. I highly recommend her. I had alpha readers, beta readers, and two Language Arts teachers read my manuscript—all helped correct it. And they all missed stuff that Shayla caught and fixed. 
—Patricia Jetton, Author of Werewolves through the Portal

I cannot imagine an editor I would rather work with than Shayla. She is personable, extremely prompt, and thoroughly knowledgeable. I feel like all my copy is in good hands, whether it's proposals, web copy, marketing taglines, technical copy, or creative copy. I am particularly impressed with how quick she is to rephrase short marketing taglines in our branding campaigns to be effective, powerful pieces of advertising. She is up for any challenge, and it's amazing how she can get to the heart of a paragraph that is originally murky and repetitive to make it specific, clear, and articulate.
—Nate and Marisa Porter, Owners of Wanna Pixel

Shayla added a personal touch to the editing process. I loved the Skype chat discussion. This was a good final step to troubleshoot problem areas in the manuscript. And she knows her editing rules. I was impressed with the side notes on why she flagged certain pieces. In addition, Shayla was excellent in keeping the voice of the author or aka—the voice of the characters in a fiction book. I would highly recommend Shayla Raquel. Five stars on turnaround time and personal interaction with the editor!
—Stacy Hendrickson, Author of The Mason ListWaiting for Wyatt, and My Lucky Days

Shayla has edited several books for me. I've lost count as to how many but have been delighted by her work every time. She's professional, accurate, detail-oriented, timely, keeps commitments, provides excellent suggestions, and is reasonably priced, thereby providing excellent value. She is a patient coach. I actually find her fun to work with. When Shayla edits my books, I know they are in good hands. Due to Shayla, editing has dropped to the bottom of my long list of concerns as an author and publisher. I plan to use her for many more projects, and as long as she's able to continue completing projects in a timely fashion at a reasonable price, I see no reason to use anyone else. 
—Russ Towne, Children's Author, Fiction Author, and Nonfiction Author

Working with Shayla was effortless. The process was gentle, and every detail was explained precisely. Her work is professional, and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Every writer needs an editor, and I highly recommend her company. 
—Love Juliet, Author of Ignite Your Light

I found Shayla through an article she had written on "Editing Mistakes Writers Make." She was professional throughout the editing process, and her enthusiasm was infectious. I was very impressed by her responsiveness, and during our Skype conversation, she offered additional advice on content and story structure. This was an unexpected surprise, but very welcome, as her comments and insights were spot-on. I will definitely be working with Shayla again in the future and recommend her services to anyone who is seriously considering the craft!
—Josh Cole, Author of Waiting for Howard and Until I See You Again

Handing over my first novel was like digging my heart from my chest and buckling at the knees while it was pried from my hand. After a sworn month of biting nails, cringing fingers, and tantrums of anxiety, the hopes and expectations of my edits were outdone! Shayla Raquel’s copyedit and feedback were more than I expected, and now I call myself an undercover marketing agent for Shayla Raquel because every writer needs what she has to offer. To Shayla, thank you for diving into the fantasy of my novel and exterminating all of my commas. I’ll be back soon with novel two.
—Damien T. Taylor, Awakening (Enigma)

Shayla’s work is always finished in a timely manner. Every article written was backed by various sources and made use of excellent grammar. Not only is her work excellent, but Shayla is a joy to work with. There are always quick responses and friendly communications to look forward to. Shayla’s writing skill is certainly worth the investment.
—Kayla Tierney, Paladin Data Group

I am a grandma completing two books for my grandchildren. Shayla provides amazing, fast service. First, I appreciated the word count calculator to determine the cost of an edit. I have over the past year attended numerous meetings on writing, and no one ever covered items such as italicizing internal thoughts or utilizing em dashes when dialogue was interrupted by action tags. Shayla caught comma splices and errors and crafted action tags. She is amazing in regards to the tense correction in dialogue. Truly talented and highly recommended.
—Janeil Austin, Author of The Gingerbread Miracle and The Fox and the Princess

I finished writing a memoir and was looking for someone to help me figure out what to do next. Was what I wrote any good? Did the structure and flow make sense? Did I get my who and whom right? I needed a professional to help work through some of these questions with me. I reached out to a number of editors, and Shayla stood out to me. I could tell when she responded that she was genuinely excited to dive into a project. While others gave me very vague pricing and treated me like a business transaction, Shayla was up front with everything and was passionate about what she does. I sent her my manuscript, and within a few days she had edited over a hundred pages. Then she set up a Skype call and spent over an hour walking me through her edits and providing commentary on my writing. I never dreamed that the editing process would be the most fun part of writing a book. It was truly a joy to work with her, and I fully recommend her to anyone who could use a little hand-holding.
—John Young, Author of Church: In Search of Perfection

When I brought my book to Shayla Raquel, I wasn't sure what to expect or how the process would go. Shayla immediately offered the reassurance and validation I needed to get through my editing experience. She was available, responsive, and delivered exactly what she promised. Shayla took my book from being a document to a manuscript within weeks. I highly recommend Shayla, and I would gladly hire her again for my next book endeavor!
—Dr. Andra Brosh, Author of Ever-Aftershock

Shayla was truly a godsend! Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about her craft, but she was timely, friendly, and a great source of information and advice. She edited my work without taking away my voice and made some very good suggestions, which led to changes that enhanced my work immensely. I can confidently say that she is a great asset to any writer serious about delivering a quality product. Shayla's expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail make her highly sought after. I will definitely be utilizing her again in the near future.  
—L. v. Jones, Author of Landscapes on My Sole

As I was working on the launch of the BeMindFULL Movement, I realized I needed some help writing and editing the About page for the website. Shayla came to my rescue and delivered exactly what I expected in the timeframe I needed. I worked with her to take the original first draft and make the final draft one that clearly and succinctly articulated who our community is for, the member benefits, and the picture of what to expect after being with like-minded people who invest in their transformation. One of her strengths is understanding the brand's voice and vision. I can't say one negative or challenging thing about our collaboration. I would definitely recommend her for any of your copywriting needs.
—Jen Moff, Speaker and Life Coach

Shayla was extremely prompt and very easy to work with and talk to. The Skype conversation about my document was an added bonus I didn't expect. Her services made my children's story much stronger, and I have much more confidence moving forward. Also, her knowledge of some of my favorite books and authors made communicating with Shayla warm and personable. Would recommend!
—Marisa Porter, Author of The Calisbury Christmas

Shayla really is a lifesaver. In fact, for your benefit, I hope she edits this testimonial, because I’m good at creating ideas and I can get them on paper, but it never comes out as smooth as I want it to! And that’s where Shayla shines. Besides her awesome knowledge, she coaches me on the best practices (leaving these lovely little comments in the returned draft) instead of just letting me go on making the same mistakes. And she tells me when, for example, things don’t make sense. Which, believe it or not, happens. Finally, she is ultra professional. And I don’t say that about many people. She is a great communicator and very timely. Big thumbs up!
—Michael Anderson, CEO of Executive Joy and Bestselling Author of The Experiment

I knew what I wanted but had already been through several people when I brought my book to Shayla Raquel. Shayla was very professional, diligent, and easy to work with. She kept me updated on everything that was going on. I was given a step-by-step breakdown of what to look for. I was given a referral because she has worked with other women in my organization, and I'm pleased that I worked with her as well. I'm looking forward to working with Shayla Raquel again in the future.
—Melva Williams, Author of An Educational Guide to Healthy Hair