“More than a sci-fi adventure novel. It’s full of breathtaking scenery, hilarious conversations, and a splash of romance.” — James, Amazon Review 

The Suicide Tree Paperback Signed

A washed-up hacker. Two hated scientists. And offbeat alter personalities.

Knox Kevel receives the job of a lifetime when a mysterious man gets his charges dropped for cybercrime and hires him for an international job. His infamous parents, who created a cure for the Raven Virus, are dead and gone, but their decision to keep NovaVita from the world has taken a toll on Knox. 

Swayed by quick money, Knox flies to Italy with his eccentric employer, Arlo Jenson. Knox must find the woman who experimented on Arlo and triggered his unpredictable personality shifts. But tension heightens when Knox discovers that Arlo knew his parents.

As the adventure unfolds, Knox falls for Arlo’s niece and finds himself in an even bigger mess when he comes face-to-face with the person responsible for his misfortune.

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Praise for The Suicide Tree

"Great read. Shayla Raquel's The Suicide Tree is a story of friendship, family, international intrigue, and social justice. Such a clever premise with protagonist, Knox Kevel, an ex-computer hacker in search of the truth of his scientist parent's death. Many twists and turns, Raquel's prose drives at a brisk, playful, and quirky pace. But she layers it all with emotional depth, knows when to slow down and let her character's breathe. And so cool that the action starts in Florida and shifts to Italy." —Russell Ricard, Author of The Truth about Goodbye 

"Set on Italy's Amalfi Coast, the story takes readers of all ages on a journey of discovery, deception, and revelation. Humor, a little romance, and exquisite Italian food are also woven into this exciting tale." —Marian McCarthy, Author of Between the Wild Blue

"The characters are well developed and fun to follow. The settings are very well researched and described in a way that makes you feel like you're there. The story is fast paced and leads to a dramatic final act." —Jeff Haws, Author of The Solitary Apocalypse, The Little Tragedy, and Killing the Immortals

"So darn good! Why didn't I read this the day it arrived!? A wildly interesting story and awesomely peculiar characters!" —Heather Trim, Author of Wingbound

"The author is adept at juggling oddities (like multiple personality disorder) so that they seem normal in the context of the story. She gets us inside the head of the main character, and it's an interesting view. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride this very capable author gives." —Jamie BJ, Editor for Read-Write-Edit

“Shayla has done an excellent job of creating an adventure for her reader .... one that makes you ask, "When is Book 2 coming?" Her carefully crafted story is made up of characters who are well-developed and believable. It's one of the stories that makes you want to curl up with a blanket and your favorite pet and read thru to the very end.” —Patricia Wooster, Author of Creating Your Me Movement

“With an original premise, a cast of characters that will draw you in, and a story pace that will not let you put the book down, Shayla Raquel has proven to me that she can hold her own with any writer out today, regardless of story length.” —Steve Taintor

“Too often I find books that are dry, slow, and doesn't keep my attention but The Suicide Tree kept me coming back to read more. This is coming from a mom with a infant and a two year old.” —Megan Y.

“I highly recommend the book if you're looking for an entertaining read that will transport you into the setting. The attention to detail is what makes the whole experience a lot of fun. The characters are very likable and the plot will keep you hooked. Of particular note was the descriptions done for food. I do not recommend reading without a snack close by.” —Gary Medina, Author of A Pretty Facade

“Thoroughly enjoyed Shayla Raquel's novel. Written in first person, the book tells of Knox Kevel's story of his search for a real she-devil and answers to his questions about his parents' demises and the cure they had found for a deadly disease. The book is fast-paced and well written with murder, romance, and computer hacking from Florida to Italy. Highly recommend.” —Carolyn Blevins, Author of Frog Boy

“You will not put this book down until it is complete. Each chapter had you longing for what was to happen next! I highly recommended The Suicide Tree.” —Charissa Hoskins